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Trends in Pigments Used for Micropigmentation, Permanent Make-up, and Semi-Permanent Make-up

Every tattoo related business is always on the lookout for better pigments.  The latest innovation is called Freedom2. This pigment is more easily removable than conventional tattoo inks and pigments because it consists of bio-absorbable colours encapsulated in tiny shells made from polymethylmethacrylate, a synthetic material commonly used in surgical glue and in many types of artificial joints. Because of the way the beads are constructed, they fall apart when laser energy is applied, allowing the colorants to be disperse into the body.

Kyla Gutsche of Cosmetic Transformations currently does not use Freedom2 pigments for two reasons.  Firstly, the ink has not yet been tested for a ten-year period like ours and therefore may pose a risk of allergic response.  Secondly, the colour range is far more limited than our range.

However, Kyla continues to monitor the industry for the latest trends, and if a permanent make-up pigment company should come up with a safer or superior product for her clients, she will make that change.  Until that happens, she believes our pigments to be the best available.

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