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Lip Procedures

The eyes are the first thing people notice because they are so expressive, which is why giving a fuller look to the eyelashes and/or eyelids will transform your appearance.


Eye procedures can also be used to make eyes that are too big or too small appear in proportion to the rest of your features. Whether you suffer from sparse eyelashes or have none at all due to a medical condition, or whether you have difficulty applying eye make up due to poor eyesight, physical disabilities or simply a hectic lifestyle, these procedures can liberate you from the chore of applying eyeliner and can give you renewed confidence in your appearance.


Micropigmentation procedures are especially appropriate for those who experience allergies to pollen or conventional eye make up because micropigmentation never smears or rubs off the skin even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep or swimming.


There are several transformation options available for you to choose from ranging from the most subtle and natural-looking enhancement to a more dramatic look.


Drawing on her extensive artistic background, Kyla can expertly enhance the eyes, eyebrows and lips through the precise placement of color in the skin.  Her specialty is extremely natural looking enhancements that are so subtle that people will notice a difference but will not be able to guess that the difference is due to a cosmetic tattoo.

A Brow Enhancement as well as Thick Eyeliner on the top and lower lashes have dramatically defined the eyes, and Barely-There Lip Liner helps create a more symmetrical appearance.


Cosmetic Micropigmentation

Full Lip Colour


Extending the Full Lip Procedure beyond the natural lip line gives the visual impression of more pronounced, younger looking lips.


In terms of the procedure, Kyla will help you identify the lip colours that complement the natural undertone of your skin and will guide you with her professional opinion but ultimately the colour and design choices will be yours.  Kyla will generally recommend that you select from lip colours that look natural with your skin colouring because you can always create a more dramatic effect by using a gloss or lipstick with a richer colour intensity on top of your enhanced lip colour.  But if you prefer a dramatic colour this can be achieved with optimal results.

Barely-There Lip Liner


This procedure defines the natural lip contour by implanting a similar colour to your natural lips.  Kyla can make this enhancement discrete and visible only at close view.

Barely-There Lip Liner can be extended slightly beyond the natural lip contour to give better clarity and fullness to the lip.  The visual effect is complimented by shading that is blended into the natural colour of the lip, creating a soft, natural appearance.

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