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Our Use of Cutting-Edge Technology

When you are contemplating a micropigmentation procedure, you should demand the best available equipment – equipment that meets the highest safety standards and that will cause the least amount of pain and trauma to your skin.

We use the Nouveau Contour Intelligent machine (Medical Edition), internationally recognized as the most sophisticated micropigmentation device available.  The Intelligent’s central processing unit consistently calculates the optimal needle frequency (speed) and depth needed to achieve maximum pigment implantation and retention, whatever the skin type or structure.  Additionally, The Intelligent has more power than any other rotary device.

The result is cleaner, more predictable results than those obtained from traditional rotary machines – and significantly less pain during the procedure.

Tests have shown that the structure of traditional tattoo machines causes a small but real risk of fluid cross-contamination due to the possible backflow of liquids and circulation of contaminated air within the hand piece.  The Nouveau Contour patented Safety needle system (US-Pat . #6,505,630 and #6,345,553) eliminates this risk by completely isolating the handpiece and needle unit from each other by means of internal diaphragms.  The needle and its casing tube form a single use disposable cartridge, and each cartridge is packed separately in a class 100.000 clean room and sterilized using EO gas.

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