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Kyla of Cosmetic Transformations wins Innovation Award for her Titian Wash™ Technique

Cosmetic Transformations is operated by Kyla Gutsche, a former visual arts professor whose Titian Wash™ technique has revolutionized the tattoo industry.  She has previously won an international innovation award and most recently was honoured by the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce with the Innovation, Research and Development Award as well as the Micro Business of the Year Award.

Inspired by the luminous glazes of the Renaissance painter Titian, Kyla co-developed a safe dispersant for tattoo pigments that can create glazes.  Kyla then developed a new technique called Titian Wash™ which, by simulating the translucency of natural skin, can camouflage burns, erase scars, recreate realistic areolas for breast cancer survivors, and enhance features more naturally than conventional permanent makeup.

Clients from as far away as Australia have flown in to receive Kyla’s Titian Wash™ services and surgeons from Japan and Milan have even come to Peterborough to learn the technique from Kyla.

As a former Oxford educated scholar, University art professor, long-time volunteer and cancer survivor, Kyla has a rare background that has motivated her to be innovative and has led her to the global forefront of the restorative tattooing field.  She is also recognized as a leader in the cosmetic tattooing and permanent make-up industries.

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