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Cosmetic and Medical Tattooing and Permanent Make-up in Peterborough Ontario

The city of Peterborough, Ontario, boasts many technicians who perform tattooing procedures of all descriptions, but few have the combined artistic talent and expert training by plastic surgeons that Kyla Gutsche has.

Clients wanting permanent make-up in Peterborough will be reassured that Kyla will create a fantastic artistic result when they learn that she actually began her career as an Oxford-trained university instructor in the field of visual arts.  Cancer patients who seek procedures from Kyla may find it comforting that she knows what they have gone through as Kyla was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2000.

Kyla offers micropigmentation (permanent and semi-permanent make-up) procedures to cosmetically enhance or recreate features.  Her specialty is extremely natural looking enhancements that are so subtle that people will notice a difference but be unable to guess that the difference is due to a cosmetic tattoo.

Kyla can also expertly camouflage scars, burns, alopecia, and vitiligo amongst a variety of other dermatological conditions using her internationally recognised ‘Titian Wash’® technique. This was a technique that Kyla developed to convincingly camouflage hypopigmented skin (skin lacking colour) that was inspired by the Renaiassance artist Titian. It produces a natural and translucent effect similar to Titian’s famed skin glazes. Rest assured that Kyla adheres to the strictest standards of hygiene and professionalism.  She performs the tattoo procedures in a medical setting, working alongside Peterborough’s first female Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Klok, at 272 Charlotte Street.

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