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Considering Getting a Tattoo, Micropigmentation, Semi-Permanent Make-up?

Whatever name you call it–“cosmetic or medical tattoo”, “micropigmentation” or “semi-permanent makeup”– the process of implanting pigment particles into the dermal layer of the skin is the same.  And the standards that you should demand when it comes to your technician and the pigments to be used are also the same. Given all she has been through and her extensive knowledge of the cosmetic and medical tattooing, micropigmentation and semi-permanent make-up industry, Kyla has some tips for anyone considering one of these procedures: 1. Ask to See Past Work—in the Flesh Don’t just settle for written testimonials or photographs.  Seek out technicians who will arrange for you to see their past work in person and whose clients speak highly of them. 2. Demand a Clean Environment Serious infections can occur with any tattoo procedure.  Insist on medical-grade equipment and single-use needles to avoid cross contamination and possible infections. 3. Walk Away from Unsafe Pigments Most pigments are not regulated or even tested for implantation into the skin.  In some cases, severe allergic reactions can occur.  Find out what pigments the technician uses and don’t just take the technician’s assurances that the pigments are safe—be proactive and research what is going to be implanted into your body.  Reputable pigment manufacturers have websites and histological studies that back up their claims that their pigments are indeed safe. 4. Remember that these procedures can indeed be life-enhancing when performed by skilled technicians who conscientiously adhere to safety.

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