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Kyla's story



Kyla C. Gutsche is the founder of Cosmetic Transformations.  In addition to exceptional empathy and discretion, Kyla has amazing artistic talent that sets her apart from other specialists.  Kyla actually began her career as an Oxford-trained university professor in the fields of chemistry and the visual arts, but was motivated to change her path by her own experiences with micropigmentation procedures following cancer treatments.

Kyla wanted to combine her artistic talents with the best techniques and materials possible in order to help other people look and feel their best.

In order to do this, Kyla has undertaken advanced micropigmentation training in both Canada and Europe, studying with the most respected and experienced specialists.  Kyla has additionally trained with plastic surgeons in Vancouver and London and is highly skilled in medical micropigmentation and tattooing, including the minimization of scarring and vitiligo, as well as areola re-pigmentation and naturalistic nipple restoration tattooing following surgical nipple reconstruction.

With her exceptional knowledge of chemistry, Kyla is also extremely knowledgable about pigments and their safety, and co-developed an award winning pigment dispersant that enables the technician to layer pigments in the skin, creating luminous, 3d effects.

She works alongside respected reconstructive surgeons and is considered the global leader in the field of restorative tattooing and scar camouflage.



Kyla Gutsche of Cosmetic Transformations is one of the world’s leading providers of micropigmentation tattoos, including semi-permanent make-up, replacement eyebrows, 3D illusion areolas and scar and vitiligo tattoo camouflage.

From A-list celebrity clients to young cancer survivors, people have flown around the world for Kyla’s precision, expertise, and use of medical grade pigments that are lab-studied to be non-allergenic. Kyla’s patients rely on her abilities to dramatically improve their features, particularly when appearance and safety are of utmost importance.

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