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Micropigmentation is a sophisticated form of tattooing that can accentuate and define the eyes, brows and lips, and can also dramatically improve the appearance of scars, vitiligo, and features lost due to illness, trauma or surgery.

Micropigmentation procedures implant the pigment into the reticular layer of the dermis (approximately 0.05 mm to 2.0 mm), whereas traditional tattooing goes significantly deeper. In our society, which places increasing importance on one’s appearance, more and more women and men are opting for cosmetic and medical micropigmentation procedures.  Whereas conventional cosmetics sit on top of the skin and can look waxy or shiny, micropigmentation procedures implant the pigments into the skin itself, producing more natural looking and more permanent results.

Micropigmentation lasts between three to five years after application—or even longer with periodic maintenance or ‘touch up’ appointments.

Procedures range from 250 to 1100 dollars, according to their complexity.  This may seem costly, but is in fact economical when considered in relation to the money and time that would be spent be on conventional cosmetics over a three to five year time period.  And for individuals who are disfigured due to trauma, surgery or the effects of illness, the ability of these procedures to dramatically improve the skin’s appearance are nothing less than a miracle.

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