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Kyla’s Story

Kyla Gutsche, the founder of Cosmetic Transformations, became interested in the tattoo industry after experiencing not only the beneficial effects that these procedures can have but also the pitfalls of inexperienced technicians and unsafe materials.

This photograph of Kyla was taken during her cancer treatment–although she is smiling she was inwardly cringing because the loss of eyebrows and eyelashes made her feel self-conscious. To make matters worse, whenever she looked in the mirror she was reminded that she had been so ill, when all she wanted to do was to put that chapter of her life behind her. When her eyebrows did not grow back, she had a nurse try to tattoo them back on but the nurse was not very artistic and Kyla was left with purple, asymmetrical brows.

Matters became worse when a permanent make-up artist offered to fix Kyla’s brows as well as Kyla’s lips which had lost some pigmentation after cancer treatments.  Unfortunately, the pigments used in these procedures caused severe allergic reactions that had to be cut out of Kyla’s skin.  These traumatic experiences motivated Kyla to research the tattoo industry (including the restorative medical tattooing, semi-permanent make-up and micropigmentation fields).

She sought the leading technicians in the field and had them repair the damage to her features and finally experienced the boost in confidence that comes when these procedures are done correctly and with safe pigments.  During this process Kyla became fascinated by the scientific and artistic aspects involved in creating top quality tattoo work.  Kyla then set out to train with surgeons and micropigmentation specialists and tattooists in Europe and in North America, and is now one of the most respected professionals in the field.

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