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Cosmetic Transformations wins Business of the Year Award

Cosmetic Transformations wins Business of the Year Award

Cosmetic Transformations has been recognized by the Peterborough Chamber of Commerce for its outstanding customer service and for having achieved international recognition for Kyla’s Titian Wash™ technique which can camouflage burns, erase scars, recreate areolas for breast cancer survivors, and enhance features more naturally than conventional permanent makeup. 

Kyla Gutsche and the surgeons and staff of the Cosmetic Transformations team pride themselves on compassionate customer service and giving back to the community through pro bono procedures for young trauma survivors. Cosmetic Transformations has been featured in the national press, won innovation awards, tripled business sales, and, most importantly, improved the lives of hundreds of people. 

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Cosmetic Transformations is a company dedicated to transforming lives as well as appearances. We specialize in cosmetic and medical micropigmentation procedures which are waterproof, smear proof and can liberate you from the daily hassle of applying conventional makeup. Most importantly, these procedures will give you renewed confidence. 0.8616

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