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Biotic Phocea BIOCHROMADERM® Pigments: Sterile, Single-Use, Safe

Biotic Phocea BIOCHROMADERM® Pigments: Sterile, Single-Use, Safe

Most permanent make-up and tattoo pigments in North America have been approved for cosmetic use on top of the skin, and are not regulated for use in the skin. 

However Biotic Phocea BIOCHROMADERM® pigments are sterile, single-use and have been certified under the relevant European medical devices legislation for use in the skin.

To date, European health legislation is more stringent than North American health legislation, which is why Kyla chose to pursue micropigmentation and permanent make-up training in Europe as well as in Canada.

So while many tattoo and permanent make-up companies claim that their pigments are the safest, Biotic Phocea are the only pigments on the market which have actually undergone significant human trials confirmed by histologies and have a proven 10 year history of zero allergic response.  Biotic Phocea laboratories are also certified to the international reference standard for medical device manufacturers, EN [ISO] 13485/2003.

Biotic Phocea pigments were developed by a leading plastic surgeon with the express purpose of being used for patients who would be undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and MRI’s and they therefore have a low ferrous content (compared to other pigment companies) and have little chance of interfering with cancer-related therapies.  For people undergoing cancer treatments this can bring peace of mind and for customers who are opting for cosmetic micropigmentation procedures, they can rest assured that these pigments are the safest available.

Cosmetic Transformations is one of the few micropigmentation and permanent make-up companies in North America which uses Biotic Phocea BIOCHROMADERM® pigments. 

You can read more about the Biotic Phocea BIOCHROMADERM® pigments on the Biotic Phocea website:

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