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Nipple Simulation

Nipple Simulation

Drawing on her extensive artistic background and using delicate artistry, Kyla can create the illusion of a three-dimensional, nipple/areola complex or can achieve a natural -looking effect when enlarging or perfecting the areolas that you have.  These procedures, coupled with scar camouflage, will give you confidence and peace of mind in those intimate situations when you might otherwise feel uncomfortable.

In terms of the procedure, Kyla will first carry out a consultation with you to determine the most pleasing colour, position, form and size for the nipple and areola. These factors are influenced by:

-Whether one or both of your breasts have been reconstructed.  If only one of your breasts has been reconstructed, Kyla will custom blend pigments and design a matching nipple and areola.  For bilateral reconstruction, you will be able to choose what type of design and colour you would like your new areolas and nipples to be.

-Whether the surgeon has surgically created a nipple or nipples for you that can be re-pigmented or whether Kyla must create three-dimensional looking nipples on a flat surface.

-Whether you have had lymph nodes removed, and have fine line scars on your underarm area.  These can be re-pigmented and minimized.  This may make you feel more comfortable about wearing short sleeves again.

-Whether you want to improve the appearance of post-surgical scarring around the circumference of the areola due to breast reduction or breast uplift surgery.  Kyla can implant pigments either through the areola outward into the scar tissue to camouflage the scar (thereby creating larger or areolas), or by matching the scar tissue to the skin of the breast.  Kyla will discuss which option would suit your particular circumstance.

-Whether your nipples simply need better definition or a more balanced look.

You will be fully involved in the design and colour choice and only when you are content will Kyla perform the procedure.  The pigment infusion process normally takes just over an hour and avoids the necessity of having to be admitted to hospital, administered a general anesthetic, or needing to take time away from work.

After the procedure you will need to apply an antiseptic cream twice daily and keep the nipple and areola covered with sterile gauze for several days.

A follow up procedure is normally required after a 4-6 week period to allow final adjustments to be made to the shape and colour of the nipple and areola and this is included in the initial cost.

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